English and French Bulldog puppies for sale

English bulldog puppies for sale

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When looking for right English bulldog puppy, you have to search and find out about the breed, it is an adorable breed English bulldogs are great with kids, great companion dogs and are the greatest pet anyone could ever dream of having, Bulldogs are very expensive the reason is that they are very hard to reproduce and the whole process to get to a little is very costly, there is a lot of work involved in order to produce a good quality litter of English bulldog puppies, I have been breeding since 1996 and I can tell a good quality bulldog as soon as I see one, so just first of all do your research about the breed the commitment there is to them, and see if you are ready for these chunky, chubby animals that will be part of your world. 

All of our puppies are not been shipped via cargo anymore, do to the fact that there are many puppies flown in cargo and they are exposed to all kinds of virus and bacteria, so now we have 2 flight attendants that work with us and we either fly with Jet Blue or American airlines and they carry the puppy on board on their days off, and are delivered to your hand to your closest airport.

the price includes this delivery service, for information please Call us Diego Rojas 786-207-4470 or 786-399-8948 Manolo Rojas email info@mauiexpokennel.com 

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